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Visit Mykonos, Serifos, Paros and all the other wonderful Cyclades islands. Dazzling white houses, from a distance, look like sugar cubes, 400+ azure beaches, snow white little villages, blue-domed chapels, inspiring sunsets, the orchestra of recipes, cobalt blue surroundings. Truth is the Cyclades islands have it all! Book your sailing cruise today and get the chance to experience the best vacation you could ever wish for. Meet true Greece, Greek culture, original Greek senses in a week that is not to be missed!

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Seductive and peaceful surroundings, Cycladic hill villages, white houses all resulting in a relaxing atmosphere that will welcome you to the first stop in the Cyclades.

Full of steep mountains, olive groves, exciting hiking options, KEA is a real delight.
If you like to walk into the ancient times try to follow the trails that will lead you to the four ancient city-states, IOULIS-KARTHAIA-KORISSIA-POIESSA.

Location: KEA, Cyclades

KEA, your entrance
into the Cyclades.


Gorgeous combination where the Greek tradition blends with the western civilization. The capital ‘Ermoupoli’ (meaning the city of Hermes) is also the capital of the Cyclades and has been the center of industrial trade of the 19th century.

Venetian mansions, impressive neoclassical buildings add up to such a colorful architecture that looks like a puzzle from a distance.

Location: SYROS, Cyclades

The elegant lady
of the Aegean Sea


Even more popular than Greece, Mykonos has it all! White washed buildings, booming atmosphere, unlimited party people, crystal clear waters and windy sunsets.

Little Venice will steal your heart while you taste a chocolate martini in a waterfront quarter. The windmills overlook ‘HORA’ from above and are a trademark of the islands culture and historic positioning.

People say that when you are on Mykonos you hear her heart beat so loud that you get a pleasant but yet alluring temptation to explore the island, to see beautiful people and wonderful sights.

Location: MYKONOS, Cyclades

Chase hedonism, feel the vibe. You are the party capital of Greece


Among the most popular Greek islands, famous for her white marbles, Paros is a combination of a Cycladic architecture and golden sun beaches.

The largest fishing fleet of the Cyclades will serve your appetite while the little old Naousa port is so romantic it will make your heart beat.

The Holy Shrine of Ekatodapiliani in just few steps from the port will take you back in the ancient times. Live the myth and try to find the hidden door among the 100 ones. Unrivalled natural beauty through Byzantine footpaths that are present and highly recommended.

Location: PAROS, Cyclades

Live the myth and try to find the hidden door in the Holly Shrine of Ekatodapiliani temple


Welcome to the tallest city of the Cyclades. Dressed in white, full of windmills ‘Hora’ sets an eye to the horizon, above the main harbor-Livadi.

“Cheese Doughnut”, local sausages, “xynomyzithra” will tempt your senses while local ‘Souma’ will increase your level of alcohol.

Spectacular views from small churches, all built onto rocky edges of the cliffs, great good trails for the ones that love hiking

Location: SERIFOS, Cyclades

The loft of the Cyclades


Known for her thermal springs, impressive sandy beaches, Cycladic hills and blue domed chapels, Kythnos demonstrates an inherent Greek character.

A unique charming capital, full of ceramists and white little shops, most importantly lovely eating spots, lively colored vibe with smiley people to welcome you and treat you like a local.

‘Kolona’ a sandy stripe between the azure color of the water divides the sea and creates two wonderful bays to drop an anchor and spend a night onboard.

Friendly people, Cycladic architecture, breath taking gulfs to visit!


Location: Kythnos, Greece

Become one with the locals and sing to the rhythm of violin and the lute


Ancient Greeks knew where to build a temple. Cape Sounion, located just 3 hours sailing away from Athens, hosts the temple of Poseidon one of the most remarkable sites of the Greek culture and glory. Used by the Greeks to control the Aegean as you can see Kythnos, Serifos and Kea on a clear day. Dazzling when looked from down below the temple of the God of Sea is truly amazing.

Just twenty miles away, Athens, ancient and modern at the same time will reveal spectacular antiquities, life style and relaxing atmosphere. Walk to the ancient history, chill on a loft in the city Centre or walk along the coast while touching the salty wind of the Saronic.


Sounion, Athens, Greece

Welcome to the world’s ancient capital

Eugene says…

Don’t miss the chance to experience Cyclades!

I understand that most of you are familiar with islands of the Cyclades such as Mykonos, Santorini, Paros etc. Truth is that there are plenty more, equally beautiful islands in the Cyclades. It is impossible to see all Cyclades islands in one week therefore we encourage you to share with us some of your preferences (meaning how familiar you are with sailing, the type of vacation you seek, how many hours you would enjoy sailing per day, if you love sightseeing and many others) in order for us to trim your sailing cruise according to your standards. In addition, please take under consideration the weather, since it is important for the trip to be pleasant and relaxing! Email us for anything you may require, I would be happy if we could be of assistance.

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