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"The time-untouched beautiful lady of the Saronic!"

The time-untouched beautiful lady of the Saronic!

What is vacation for you? Is it maybe relaxing on an island without cars? Or maybe an island with neoclassical mansions built on the waterfront of the port? If these images sound familiar, then you should definitely visit Hydra.

Fairly considered as an island that attracts artists, among which would be Wilhelm Muller and Leonard Cohen, jet-seters of various countries and a big list of celebrities relaxing like Sofia Loren, Jackie O, Mick Jagger and many others on the island every year.

Hydra to our opinion has the most beautiful port of Greece, with an architectural character going back to a different era. An era of pirates, classic yachts, poets, wars and revelations. Stone mansions are everywhere, conducting to a picturesque atmosphere you will fall in love with. Entering the port, it is impossible not to notice the canons aim at you from each side, trademark of the island’s character and historical glory. The houses are built amphitheatrically around the port and compose a dominating picture, as the ones you see in the post cards.

Hydra is really unique, there are no cars allowed, you can go anywhere you wish either on foot or with a donkey. The life in that sense is safer, especially if you will be visiting with kids and family you have zero risk of a car passing by, rather than a donkey, reflexes of which, are known to everyone. There is no doubt that either for most of us that live in Greece and are used to the sea and islands, Hydra remains in the top islands of preference. It is maybe the romantic vibe, maybe the looks of another century (before Greece became commercial) or maybe just what Hydra truly is, a wonderful island to visit especially during a private sailing cruise in the Greek islands!

Quick facts:

Complex of islands:
Saronic islands


Hydra Town


South Saronic


Distance from Athens:
55 miles


Famous heritage:
The port canons


Interesting info:
No cars on the island

Included in our 1 week route for the Saronic Gulf



Go hiking up to the monastery of Prophet Elias

Hydra is really a great place for hiking. Having no cars at all on the island and the fastest means to move would be a donkey, we encourage you to walk up to the monastery of Prophet Elias, located on the peak of the hill, one of the tallest of Hydra. The monastery was built in 1813 by monks and lies there eversince. During the revolution of 1821 famous Thodoros Kolokotronis one of the most famous heroes of the war against the Turks, was imprisoned there for a period of time. Reaching the monastery is quite challenging and is suggested for those of you that like to hike and explore the islands. The distance would be approx. 2 hours hiking on an average pace. I know that for some of you might be tough but once you are at the top you will be rewarded with refreshments left by the monks for the ones that managed to reach the monastery. Make sure you have some water with you during the way since there is no stop in the middle on your way up. Although it will be an exercise at the same time it would be an experience to remember as the nature is 

Visit Hydroneta

If you came to Hydra to enjoy the scenery, got amazed by the view of the port and would like to relax watching the sunset, then you should definitely visit Hydronetta! A bar that is located on the rocks, looking at the sea with promising sunset views maybe the best you will get in Greece. The bar is located on a walking distance from the port, so if you have anchored during your private sailing cruise then you should surely visit. The view would be rewarding and refreshing. On the yard of the bar you will notice a canon, that has remained to the area since the ages of the revolt in 1821. Drink a cocktail, feel the breeze while looking at the sun diving into the sea!

Do a donkey ride in the back streets behind the waterfront

In Hydra, one thing is definitely noticeable. There are no cars! The only way for moving around is either on foot or with a donkey. Although it might sound touristic, it is really very authentic. Hire a donkey and move in the town like the locals do! The streets behind the port, may not have the dazzling face of a postcard but surely have a lot of interest in terms of scenery, and affordable restaurants options. The ride with the donkey can take you further away, inside the hills of Hydra, among trees and nature. If you are bored to walk the ride can take you up to the monastery of Profitis Elias (included in our top 3), wait for you there and then take you back to the port. Generally Hydriots are not used to take the donkeys for a ride. They move on foot. Of course they would be happy to get you familiarized with their donkeys and move you around.

We are very sensitive in being objective, in each island there are things we admire and others you need to be aware of.

A true Greek island

Very traditional-Authentic beauty of the past

The most beautiful port of Greece

Plenty of options in restaurants and bars that remain traditional

Never gets too busy on the island because of the lack of births
Good seafood

Colorful town/port

Friendly locals


Maybe the most beautiful port but also the worst in terms of finding a birth

Most of the times you may end up anchoring on a 3rd or 4th row of yachts

This would mean that for you to step to the harbor you need to cross over the other yachts closer to the harbor

This would also mean that if you are first in the row then for you to leave you have to wait for the other yachts to leave first

Many times, anchors get jammed or chains of the yachts are mixed to each other

No water or electricity provided by the port

Hydra is with no doubt the most beautiful island of the Saronic. You should definitely visit (and not skip). If you are visiting with a yacht and do not want to get into the trouble of fighting for a birth in the port, then you can consider anchoring to Ermioni, right opposite on the mainland and call a water taxi that will take you to Hydra in seconds. This way you will avoid the risk, anxiety and will focus on the beauty of this magnificent scenery!

-Eugene suggests

  • “A great sailing holiday!”

    We sailed as a recomposed family of 6 (2 adults and 4 adolescents). We were well advised from the start by Eugene and found the whole staff to be extremely professional. Our trip through the Saronic islands took one week and we enjoyed every day of it! The boat, Bingo, was plenty large enough for all of us and everyone had a great time. Our skipper, Panos, took all the stress out of the anker manoeuvers in port and gave us great advice on diving spots and restaurants. I heartily recommend sailing in the beautiful waters of Greece and I must stress again the very high level of professionalism we enjoyed. Visited July 2016

  • “Stunning, Amazing Week in the Sardonic Islands”

    Initially we wanted to go to the big white beach greek isles but the wind was too strong. We opted for the Sardonic Islands and were very impressed. The trips between islands were only 2-4 hours so there was a lot of time to spend swimming, snorkeling and paddle boarding.We spend half the nights anchored in a harbor, which turned out to be preferred because the kids could swim first thing in the morning and well into the evening. The other half were docked in one of the towns, which was also fun as we explored the islands. The best combination was on Hydra where we docked in the harbor and walked 1 1/2 miles to town for dinner and exploring. This was a divine week and I hope that we return to sail with the Yacht Sailing team again. Eugene and Maria run a great company.

  • View from the sea of the greek island of Hydra by P Phillips

  • The beauty Greek island Hydra by Anilah

  • The harbor of Hydra island by vlas2000

  • Typical white house with flowers on Hydra Island by ivan bastien

  • The picturesque village of Hydra island by kokixx

  • The port of Hydra Island by Haris vythoulkas

  • Donkey at the Greek island, Hydra. They are the only means of transport on the island, no cars are allowed. Photo by De Visu.

  • Night view after a sunset of the port of Hydra island by imagIN

Beaches we like


One of the most beautiful beaches of Hydra. Located in the south side, Bisti is a colorful cove with crystal clear water and great scenery. If you have anchored in the port of Hydar you could consider hiring a water taxi ta take you there and arrange to pick you up once you need to return.


Considered one of the most famous beaches of Hydra. Located on the northern side of the island can be accessed only onboard your sailing yacht or catamaran as well as with a donkey ride from the town. Great waters great scenery, feel free to visit anytime.


One of the most famous natural beauties of the Greek seas. Dhokos used to be famous as it was used by the navy as a strategic location during the rebellion in 1821. Nowadays Dhokos is really a unique place with calm waters ideal to overnight onboard and hear nothing but the wind and the birds. The island is practically inhabited (maybe 10 habitants that operate the tavern and 2 other facilities) and is perfect for diving and experiencing the bottom of the sea. Famous also for the most ancient shipwreck of the world, that was located in the particular sea area. Dhokos is surely a must!


Almond Sweets

Although there is no particular production of almonds in Hydra, the island is famous for her almond sweets (almond pie). The production of almond sweets go back in time and the recipes go from mother to daughter etc. We encourage you to try some of the best almond sweets of Greece! 

Fresh fish

As you can imagine there is no way that an island famous for her fishermen does not have great fish. Although there is not a particular recipe to propose the variety of sea food and the quality of the fish is really unique. Definitely should be a dish you should order.

Wine tasting in the sailing Club

Although it is not considered a typical wine club the sailing club of Hydra has very nice fish and a big variety of wine labels. Last time we visited they were happy to offer us sigle glasses from multiple labels which we considered very interesting. Keep in mind that the prices are a bit ‘spicy’ so be prepared to asked beforehand. 

  • Average temperatures of 27C during July and August
  • Quite calm weather all year round 
  • Not so protected port in the Northern wind – Choose Ermioni instead
  • Nice anchorages that can protect you from the wind, our captains would be responsible to advise you

The Map of Hydra


Included in our 1 week route for the Saronic Gulf

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