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Welcome to Kythnos

“Sing to the rhythm of the violin and the lute”

An undiscovered Greek island getaway

When it comes to Kythnos 3 things drop instantly to my mind. Beautiful beaches, non-touristic and close to Athens. Known also as ‘THERMIA’, Kythnos is a quite power, rocky mountainous island of the western Cyclades. I last visited Kythnos in August 2016 along with my best friends and family onboard one 45ft sailing yacht. It is no secret for people that she is one of the best option to spend either your first or last night of your sailing vacation

Kythnos has it all, beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise waters, two ports for you to choose where you want to anchor, a colorful capital (Chora) with white stoned houses and paved streets and of course a natural thermal spring in the area of Loutra – if you want to have your natural spa – our suggestion to try night time during the summer!

Secluded beaches sum up to more than 90 with ‘KOLONA’ beach being the most famous beach in Greece (included in our top 3). And let’s not forget the beautiful cave of ‘KATAFYKI’, one of the biggest in Greece previously used by the habitants to hide during the German attacks in the world war II.

While as of today the festival in Easter time is organized in the cave where the sound of the violin and the lute take place and fill the cave with rhythm and joy. Spend some time exploring Kythnos, she is really worth it!

Quick facts:

Complex of islands:
Cyclades islands


‘Messaria or Chora’


West Cyclades


Sailing distance
from Athens: 50 miles


Famous heritage:
Katafiki Cave


Loutra Thermal Springs

Included in our 1 week route for the Cyclades



Visit the Chora (known also as Messaria)

There is no doubt that the beauty of the Greek islands in among the life on the islands. Kythnos Hora, known as Messaria, is an authentic sample of the Cyclades, with white washed houses, very decent options in terms of Taverns that host great recipes and a nightlife (for you that may be interested in going out to have a cocktail). Don’t expect to see big clubs or fancy big restaurants. Even the bars are in the same flow of the architecture of the island that is small white buildings with small tables on the roof and interesting music vibes. I feel that it is worth visiting Kythnos chora during nighttime. It might be packed during July and August but keep in mind that ‘packed for Kythnos means plenty of room for everyone, so take a taxi and visit one of the most colorful capitals of the Cyclades

Visit ‘KOLONA’ beach

Definitely one of the best beaches in Greece. A thin strip of sandy land divides the sea in two pieces and connects the island of Kythnos with the church of Agios Loukas. If you are visiting with a sailing yacht or a catamaran this is a location that should not be missed. Crystal clear waters, sandy bottom, protected from the wind (the interior side) and an untouched natural beauty that will captivate the eye if you look from above. Try to walk to the church of Agios Loukas (at the top of the hill) and have a dinner in the restaurant located above the bay. For those of you that prefer something more fancy in terms of nightlife and restaurant options you can either sail to Mericha port (10 min sailing) or call for a water taxi for your transport!

Visit Loutra and the thermal springs

Loutra is one of the most beautiful and traditionally looking village of the Cyclades. Located in the eastern side of the island is surely a must visit with your sailing yacht or catamaran. Flowery yards, colorful environment, small taverns with wooden little chairs right on the water someone would notice it’s a picture taken out of a postcard. On the side of the natural bay the well know thermal springs of Loutra (used to be named as ‘Thermia’) that is said to have healing abilities that go back to the ancient times. You can try the thermal spring at the side of the beach located in Loutra bay, opposite the marina. You will notice a set of rocks that create a circle in the interior of which you can relax and feel the hot bubbles of water arising from the bottom of the sea. 

We are very sensitive in being objective, in each island there are things we admire and others you need to be aware of.

Great beaches and crystal clear waters

Big number of excellent bays to anchor with your yacht

Very close to Athens (if you are starting or returning to Athens)

Untouched island – under the radar of the mass tourist that may head to Mykonos instead

Quite popular for families looking for a sample of the Cyclades - ‘not noisy’

Friendly locals 

2 ports with water, fuel and electricity for your sailing yacht or catamaran

Many beaches are accessible by road transport, if you don’t want to visit with your yacht

Medical center and pharmacy in Mericha port

Nice, colorful and authentic capital – Chora


We have noticed some ‘tourist traps’ in terms of restaurants 

Many Athenians are the major visitors of the islands (we insert it in the negative for the compliance of locals with foreign visitors)

Loutra marina is very beautiful but small – if you do not find a birth it will be difficult to anchor outside the port

Most of the locals take a nap between 15.00-18.00 Keep it in mind if you plan to eat something between this time frame

Small number of taxis

During July and August you have to enter quite early in the port if you want to find a birth for your sailing yacht or catamaran

Not organized beaches

Kythos has a good production of good quality meat and milk. The majority of the taverns offer very tasty recipes – a bit expensive I would say but nothing tremendous as the popular islands. I would characterize Kythnos as an untouched (for the moment), simple, below the radar of the mass tourist island. Call a taxi and visit the main capital ‘HORA’ for an interesting and colorful walk!

-Eugene suggests

  • “The best way to see the Greek islands”

    What a very special week we had on "Blackjack", a 54 foot Benneteau, booked and arranged through
    From the online booking and communication with Maria in the office, through to the reception by Eugene at Marina Alimos in Athens, it was a seamless easy process.
    Then the captain George showed us the beautiful boat, in perfect condition, and we mapped out a 7 day course around the islands. The boat had all we needed to cook, play, rest and sleep comfortably
    The islands had fantastic bakeries, supermarkets restaurants, museums, walks and shopping.
    Sevens days could have stretched to 70.
    There's no better way to see the islands.
    We'll certainly be coming back for more.

    Visited Sept 2016 

    Michael B
  • “2 families from NY with kids”

    Outstanding experience! The boat, the service, Maria and Eugene and their customer service! We had 4 adults and 5 kids ages 5-12 on the 54ft sail boat, and it was amazing! My wife who has always been afraid of the water is now demanding to do it again next year! And we will. And the skipper was great, made us all feel safe. Can't wait to do it again with the same company! 

    Visited July 2015 

  • Village in Kythnos Stelina R July 2015

  • Port of Kythnos Stella R. July 2015

  • Church of Keraleousa at Oria Castle the Byzantine and medieval fortified capital of Kythnos, Greece until 1570.

  • Panoramic view of the Kolona double sided beach at Kythnos, Greece as viewed from Aghios Loukas islet 2014

  • People waiting for the Assumption eve liturgy to commence at the church of Panagia Stratolatissa

  • Seaside village in a picturesque gulf in Kythnos island, Cyclades, Greece

  • Merichas port lighthouse, Kythnos island

  • Western side of kolona bay morning Photo by Eugene 13 Aug 16

  • Kythnos Mericha port photo by Ioanna S 14 Aug 16

  • Kythnos Loutra photo by Ioanna S 18 Aug 16

  • Kythnos Loutra looking the aegean photo by Ioanna S 18 Aug 16

  • eastern side of kolona bay morning Photo by Eugene 13 Aug 16

  • Kythnos Loutra looking the aegean photo by Kostas P 18 Aug 16

  • Kythnos Loutra looking the thermal springs by Kostas P 18 Aug 16

  • Kythnos Mericha port photo by Kostas P 14 Aug 16

  • Kythnos Merichas beach photo by Kostas P 14 Aug 16 

  • Kythnos Merichas port photo by Kostas P 14 Aug 16

  • Little stonie corner - Kolona bay- photo by Ioanna S on 13 Aug 16 

  • our chain under the water - kolona bay- photo by Kostas P 13 Aug 16

  • Saint Lucas Chupel-Kolona bay- photo by Ioanna S on 13 Aug 16

  • sandbar of kolona bay morning Photo by Eugene 13 Aug 16

  • sunset with kolona bay view photo by Kostas K 13 Aug 16

Beaches we liked

Kolona Beach (included in our top 3)

Kolona is one of the most popular and impressive beaches of the Cyclades. Located in the western part of the island the little golden sandbar divides the sea in two pieces and connects the island with the chapel of Saint Loukas located on the top of the little islet right across (see our pics).

Gaidouromandra Beach

A long sandy beach located on the southern part of Kythnos. Quiet and beautiful, perfect for relaxing if you want your privacy, especially if you are sailing with one of our yachts. If you decide visiting try not to miss the cove of Skilou minutes away from the beach.

Apokrousi Beach

If you are approaching Kolona bay with a yacht and there is no space available there is always the beach of “Apokrousi” just fews steps away. A long sandy beach located on the western side of the island right opposite Kolona bay. A great tavern is available to relax and have dinner while you will be looking to the horizon

Sites Worth Visiting

The Archaeological site of Maroulas

The Archaeological site of Maroulas is located to the area of Loutra. The most important finding to this site is a human sceleton, estimated to be one of the oldest of the Cyclades.

Katafyki Cave

One of the most popular caves in Greece. Used as a famous shelter for the locals to hide from the enemies during World War II. Located on the northern side of the island, near village Dryopida. As an honor for the difficult times of the war the locals organize a big festival in Easter time, taking place in the cave, where the area under the ground is filled with music coming from the violin and the lute. Katafiki Cave to our opinion is one of the important places to visit is you have reached Kythnos with one of our sailing yachts or catamarans during your private sailing cruise.

Monasteri of Panagia Kanala

Even if you are not a fan of exploring monasteries Panagia Kanala, is really worth visiting. According to tradition the monastery is dedicated to Virgin Mary Kanala who is the protector of the island. The icon of Virgin Mary, is placed into the monastery and is believed to have the power of doing miracles according to the legend. One of the biggest festivals ‘Panigiri’ take place on the nameday of Virgin Mary on the 15th of August. The monastery is located on the south-eastern side of the island, built on the edge of the rocks. A nice idea would be to approach by your sailing yacht or catamaran, drop your anchor and visit the monastery by the side of the sea.

Museums of Kythnos

Folklore Museum

Are you interested to know how the locals used to live and get dressed? In the folklore museum, located in Dryopides village, you can see many of the objects used by the people on the island in the past as well as traditional clothes. Being in one of the most beautiful villages of Kythnos, you will have the chance not only to visit the museum but also to have a look at a very traditional, colorful and romantic place. Could be visited before or after your visit to Katafiki cave. 



Are you quite active to go bicycling? Kythnos offers flat streets that are ideal for riding a bike and move around. I understand that this might not be the major interest for many of you however if you want to exercise during your private sailing cruise Kythnos is one of the islands that offers this possibility. Many shops that rent bicylces are available in the port of Merichas and for some could be an interesting activity.

Diving at Kythnos

We understand that many of our guests diving sounds as a great experience to try. In Greece, there are hundreds of places to dive with typical CO2 masks. The cruciality lies on the company that offers this service. One of the most well-known diving centers is located in Kythnos, that happens to have a lot of interesting spots to dive. Keep in mind that for those of you that are totally inexperienced you may have the chance to get familiarized with the diving process in shallow waters. Email us for more info, if you like to coordinate for the diving center to come and pick you up from your yacht, on the first or last day of your sailing cruise, in order to experience the underwater life of the Greek seas.


It is true that Kythnos has a great hiking path ‘monopati’ towards the Castle of Orias. If you would like to try reaching the castle that used to be the first capital of Kythnos, you should be ready for a big walk and a lot of time and effort. Our friendly suggestion would be to ask for specific instructions by our Captains since to our latest knowledge the path is not well preserved.

Food & Desserts

Kythnian pie

Being famous for the production of milk and meat Kythnos has excellent cheese based recipes in many transformations, one of which is the Kythnian cheese pie. Try it along with local white wine, as a side order to your main dish.

Sfoogato - Traditional dish

Another transformation of a cheese recipe, a cheese croquette ‘Sfougato’ is one of the islands popular side orders.



Being a Cycladic island you can imagine that fresh fish is everywhere. From lobster (that is sold expensive in the months of July and August to our opinion), to grilled sardines, fried squid and not to miss the ‘yummy’ grilled octopus!

‘Arnaki lemonato’:

As mentioned above the island is popular for the production or agricultural products. The presence of meat is strong with local beef and lamp taking the first priority in your ‘must’ selections! For me the best dish is the lamp, cooked in the oven with plenty of lemon and potatoes. After cooking for a lot of time in the oven the meat becomes so soft you will not believe it. A typical ‘Greek’ dish, cooked by the locals, surely is not to be missed during your sailing cruise in the Greek islands!

  • Average temperatures of 26°C during July and August
  • Quite windy during August. Winds from the North
  • Sheltered port on the western side of the island ‘Merichas’
  • Sheltered but smaller marina on the eastern side of the island ‘Loutra’
  • Sea is quite rough close to the island and for a few miles when the Meltemi is blowing, due to the strong gusts of wind
  • Nice anchorages that can protect you from the wind, our captains would be responsible to advise you
  • Very sunny during July and August, with peak temperatures being unbearable during midday 


Kythnos Greek island

included in our 1 week route for the Cyclades

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