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Triggered to experience a joyful full of classical heritage, romantic, all in one sailing cruise? Sail with us in a luxury yacht charter in the Saronic gulf. Preserved stone houses, exquisite sites, secluded beaches, hundreds of turquoise water coves. Unique hiking trails, booming cuisine, exclusive archaeological masterpieces. All of them, easy to reach!

Welcome to the Saronic!

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Right in the middle of Saronic gulf lies Poros, blessed with the most beautiful nature, idyllic scenery and neoclassical buildings of another era.

Dressed in green, covered with unique pine and lemon trees result in the finest combination of water, land and colorful atmosphere. Cross the channel that separates Poros from the Peloponnese and for a moment you will be sailing on land..!

Location: POROS, Saronic

POROS, a yacht friendly Saronic bliss



Romantic like no other, surely you will be sad when you’ll have to let her go..

Anywhere I look I am dazzled by the neoclassical mansions, the glorious history, the urban legend of victorious battle ships and the wonderful coves to explore onboard my sailing cruise! I am in love with Spetses and I am sure you will be as well.

Location: SPETSES, Saronic

The aristocratic island of romance


Nafplion is a glorous town that will captivate your senses and take you back in time in an era of fortresses, prisons, colors and political inspirations.

Dressed in a classical and colorful atmosphere, the heritage of the Athenians is here to be explored. Enjoy the viewings from the edge of the mountain where the castle’s dominating figure supervises the Argolic gulf. Walk in the old town, taste unique recipes and enjoy the most important, relaxing climate all year round!

Location: NAFPLION, Saronic

The first capital of Greece that should not be missed


Pirates, classic yachts, poets, wars and revelations. Hydra has it all (apart from cars..)!

Welcome to the island with the most beautiful port of Greece and feel the vibe of a different era, more unspoiled than today. Is it the romantic vibe, maybe the looks of another century or just what Hydra truly is, a purely wonderful place to be!

Location: HYDRA, Saronic

The time untouched island of Poets


Built and rebuilt in the same place, Ermioni has kept her roots back to 3000 BC.

Having one of the best natural ports Ermioni has always been an ideal harbor for yachting enthusiasts. Delicious citrus, top quality fresh fish and unique seafood will captivate your senses and allow you to relax, while drinking one of the most relaxing cocktails in the Saronic gulf. A few minutes away you will be ready to dive into crystal clear waters and enjoy the calmness and tranquility of what so called peaceful vacation..

Location: ERMIONI, Saronic

A combination of history with unique quality holidays


Where the crystal blue waters of the Saronic gulf meet with the green colors of the forests climbing down from the mountains, lies Palaia (old) Epidaurus a place mostly known by the existence of the ancient’s world most famous theater.

One of the masterpieces of ancient Greek civilization, similar status as the one of Acropolis, the Ancient Theater is a unique treasure that dominates the place. Is it the acoustics that until today no similar can be constructed? Is it the voices of the famous actors who have performed? Or maybe just the uniqueness of the construction that hosts great events until today? For any of the reasons don’t miss the chance to perform in a theater like no other!


Location: PALAIA EPIDAVROS, Saronic

Perform in the ancient world’s most famous theater


The uniqueness of the color surrounding Agistri, is not the only sign of virgin nature dominating the island.

Blessed to be idyllic and beautiful, Agistri outflows calmness and turquoise scenery to be experienced mainly with a yacht. Grab the opportunity and dive into one of the best places to swim in the Saronic. Right afterwards, you will have the chance to explore the world’s most ancient capital, Athens that will surely offer you a feeling, not to be forgotten!


AGISTRI , Greece

Swim to the island of Turquoise waters before returning to the world’s most ancient capital

Eugene says…

Saronic gulf, will give you a more relaxed sailing experience, meaning that you would need to travel shorter distances from one island to the other. In addition, the possibility is more likely to have less wind than the Cyclades. This would allow new sailors to be more familiar with sailing (if they are sailing for the first time) and surely to be introduced more calmly on a sailing trip. I understand that most of you would have heard and would like to visit the Cyclades. Although the Cyclades islands are wonderful the Saronic islands are equally beautiful islands when we are talking about a sailing cruise. Yachting vacation is a combination of weather and location and I encourage you to take under consideration our suggestion, if you are looking for an overall amazing vacation. Feel free to ask as many questions as you wish, I would be happy if we could be of assistance.

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