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Welcome to Serifos

The tallest city of the Aegean


Welcome to the island where Perseus was raised and were the Cyclops lived! If you are looking for an island with hundreds of whitewashed littles houses built on the top of the cliff supervising one of the biggest natural ports of the Cyclades then you should be looking for Serifos!

Dressed in white, Serifos is considered one of the most authentic Greek islands, with an amazing view from the tallest town of the Aegean, a visit to which should not be missed.

According to the Greek mythology, Perseus returned with Medusa’s head in time, and gave it as a votive gift to Athena, to save his mother, Danaë, from being ravished by the local king Polydectes. The same myth telling that Medusa's eyes had the super power to convert people into stones if they looked at it.Along with mythology, you should not miss the mines that used to be the most popular source of raw material for the Aegean.

For those of you who are looking to walk among lovely trails, Serifos will please you to the maximum extend as the charming trails will lead you from the tallest mountain to the most colorful beaches with clear waters and unrivaled natural beauty. Serifos has it All! Get on wheels and move around, prepare yourself to fall in love with the beaches, the green-blue waters and the majestic sceneries – (when it is not blowing..). Enjoy!

Quick facts:

Complex of islands:
Cyclades islands




‘West Cyclades’


Sailing distance
from Athens: 66 miles


Famous heritage:
Taxiarhes Monastery


Interesting info: Tallest 
capital of Aegean

Included in our 1 week route for the Cyclades



Visit the Capital!

I visited Serifos capital for the first time in 1995. I went back in 2015. Almost nothing has changed until then. Yes, some bars and restaurants look different but the feeling of the place is magnifying and still the same. In August 2015, we had anchored in the main port Livadi and decided to visit the tallest city of the Cyclades. While it seemed impossible to find a taxi (all were occupied and it took forever to book an appointment) we decided to use the typical bus-that it might be the same with the one I used back in 1995. It reminded me the rhythm of life of a different era, more relaxing and charming in a way. Don’t waste time, take the bus/taxi or hire a quad/car, walk in the hora and take a photo of the port while sitting in the yard of the church – Agios Konstantinos ( located at the edge of the cliff. I need one small favor from you.. Both times I have visited in night time so a photo from this place during day light would be highly appreciated ;-)

Rent a quad and drive around

Being on an island with the most beautiful beaches in Greece, the capital built in the edge of a cliff and so many interesting options in terms of historical interest but also local delicacies, will need you to move quite a lot to experience the different beauties of Serifos. Trust us she is worth it. If you have anchored in the main port Livadi, you can start by visiting ‘Chora’ as described in our top 3. An interesting option would be to visit Koutalas bay that will reveal interesting and colorful beaches with crystal clear waters while if you have the ability a drive to ‘Megalo Livadi’ (12km from the port) you will have the chance to see the old mines (top 3), visit the village of Galani and have a greek salad at the tavern located on the sandy beach of Platis gialos. Don’t waste, move around!

Visit Old Mines of Serifos

Mines of Serifos (located in Megalo Livadi-southwest side of the island) represent something more than just what is left there for you to see. The remaining mines represent the revolution of the mining workers that were led to revolt due to the inhuman working conditions opposed by the owner of the mines at that time the Gromman family. In 1919 and while on strike, Gromman asked the Greek authorities to end the rebellion. The police came, gave a 5 min notice to the workers to get back to work (they refused) and then they opened fire. 4 workers were shot to death, while the rest of the workers as well as wives and children chased the officers and threw them into the sea. We encourage you to visit the mines, to see how the biggest production of iron was loaded from the mountain onto the ships, the dark labyrinths and inhuman working condition of the past as well as the monument dedicated to the people who were fighting for their rights and lost their lives in 1919.

We are very sensitive in being objective, in each island there are things we admire and others you need to be aware of.

Very beautiful turquoise waters

Big port renewed in 2016, very big natural bay

Beautiful and Authentic capital – ‘Hora’ located at the top edge of the mountain

Friendly locals

Nice options for food and drink on a walking distance from the port (little chairs and tables on the beach of Livadi)

Options for renting a car/quad available


Often very windy

When it’s very windy the port is unsafe towards the northerly wind

You need a car or a bus to reach the capital and it will take you some time to actually get there (if you plan to visit an evening of July or August)

Small number of taxis that can take forever to reach the Hora during rush hours

I would characterize Serifos as a true Greek island sample with an untouched beauty. She has everything you could ask for, nice views, turquoise waters, friendly locals, great cuisine and above all she is away from the city lights.. Visit ‘Pano piazza’ of the Hora and drink a cocktail in the roof of ‘AERINO’ a moment which you should not miss!

-Eugene suggests

What our clients say powered by trip advisor
  • "Bucket List" trip for our whole family!!! 

    There were 6 of us on our catamaran including 2 teenagers. The boat was beautiful, comfortable, and clean. The skipper, Appo, was amazing. He knew all the local places we should go that weren't so touristy. We climbed a volcano, snorkeled above ruins, swam in beautiful coves, rented ATVs and explored, ate the most amazing food, met friendly, gracious people, visited historic ancient sites, and more. It was the trip of a lifetime and Eugene and Maria were professional, kind and incredibly helpful.


    Ahillin7, Texas

    Visited June 2016


    Ahillin7, Texas
  • “Fantastic charter experience”

    We chartered a Fantasy 420 catamaran for one week out of Athens.
    What a fantastic holiday we had. The vessel was surprisingly roomy with everything we could possibly want onboard. Well equipped and spotlessly clean. We pr-ordered our supplies which were delivered directly to the vessel.
    Eugene gave us our brief on arrival, and both he and Marie and all other staff that we encountered were very friendly and helpful, even chasing through a lost suitcase of one of our party.
    Would love to return. 

    Visited June 2016 

  • “Select a bay”, photo by Kostas K 06/08/2014

  • “Send a man to tie a rope”, photo by Kostas K 06/08/2014

  • “Job done”, photo by Kostas K 06/08/2014

  • “You are on vacation”, photo by Kostas K 06/08/2014

  • All onboard SUP - Photo by Thanassis K. 06/08/2014

  • Underwater dive kentarchos bay photo by Ioanna S 06/08/2014

  • SUP paddling outside - Photo by Thanassis K. 06/08/2014

  • Our yacht in Kentarchos bay 06/08/2014 by lila T

  • Megalo Livadi, Serifos island, Cyclades Photo by Nikos 24/7/2015

  • The Lighthouse of Serifos island - Photo by Nikos 25/7/205

  • Psili Ammos, Serifos, 2016

  • View of "Hora" Serifos from our sailing yacht leaving the port of the island.

  • Detail of a little cafe in the town of Serifos island

  • Cats at the alleys of Serifos

Beaches we liked

Psili Ammos

Voted as one of the best beaches in Europe by the Sunday Times (although I do not really agree regarding the best..), has really a pristine coastline and crystal clear waters. The Greek name ‘Psili Ammos’ means ‘thin soft sand’ and definitely represents the so called ‘best beach in Serifos’. The shallow waters might be a good opportunity to visit with the dinghy and let the children play in the sand!

Agios Sostis

I include this beach since it is considered one of the most popular in Serifos and surely you will read quite a lot about it. Realistically although the little white church and the sandy bottom makes it nice to visit, I think that there are a lot better options when you are visiting with a yacht. The reason is not the location, but the tons of visitors that approach the beach due to the short distance from the port that makes the access quite easy.

Kedarchos beach

I had the best swim and dives of my life in this particular bay when I visited back in 2015. Have a look at the photos posted above and you can see some real action moments! Try to avoid though if it is windy, since it will be quite bumpy and annoying..

Ganema bay

A unique option for protection of the Northerly winds and crystal clear, turquoise waters. Ganema bay is located in Koutalas, on the south side of Serifos and is one of the most reputable options for yachtsmen traveling to relax and swim in the Cyclades. 

Megalo livadi beach

Located in the south-east part of serifos, Megalo livadi is also know for the old mines (listed in our Serifos Top 3) and is really worth visiting with a yacht. Anchor safely in one of the mane coves and hover around the old crane that used to load the ships with the raw material produced back in history.

Sites worth visiting

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Serifos is located at the capita of the island. It mainly display Hellenistic and Roman antiquities, such as parts of temples, funeral columns and statues. 

Monastery of Taxiarhes

Located near Galani village, one of the few monasteries in Greece that was built like a fortress with a wall of more than 10m high. Only 1 entrance to enter 4m high will allow you to visit the interior of the dome, that is dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel. A floor pinned with marbles and treasures of all kinds made the Monastery a continues victim of attacks of the pirates with whom the monks need to fight and protect their lives and property. The architecture, the interior findings and the view, lists it up in our priority to visit when you are sailing to Serifos

The Castle of Serifos

Located at the top of the Hora, built to protect by the pirates, under the Venetian empire, the castle of Serifos will compensate you for climbing up the numerous steps with its incomparable view. White chapels light up all around you, the Aegean breeze smoothly touches you – you have reached the so-called ‘Balcony of the Aegean’. Yes, it will take you some time to walk there (wear sport shoes, get a bottle of water with you, don’t rush to climb the steps, take your time and soon you will get an excellent view of the horizon as a reward! I feel it is worth is..

Tastes in Serifos

Fish Tavern "Nikoulias"

Dishes: When it comes to Serifos cuisine is an easy process. It’s one of the islands that you will eat well in most of the places I would suggest you to try

  • Garides saganaki (fried shrimps), with a Serifian recipe, not to be missed
  • Fava, a local production makes it smooth and tasteful
  • Gemista (tomatoes or peppers filled with rice) along with feta cheese
  • Local sausages: Incomparable taste, to be accompagned with Souma drink 
  • Marathotiganies: Fried local dish with a vegi based ingredients
  • Serifian Pie: Definitely a must if you are a sweet lover!
  • Souma: Local drink, close to Raki taste 
Weather of Serifos
  • Average temperatures of 29’C in July 
  • Mostly windy with powerful gusts coming from the North
  • Unprotected port to the Northerly winds
  • You need to be careful if you have anchored in Livadi during nighttime and it is windy
  • You can also consider anchoring in Koutalas bay located in the south side of the island that is a lot more protected from the N wind
  • If you plan to walk to Hora, to see the castle of the monastery, try to do it either very early or before sunset. There is nothing that provides shadow.


Serifos Greek island

included in our 1 week route for the Cyclades

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