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The aristocratic island of romance

The aristocratic island of romance

‘LA ISOLA DI SPEZZI’- Sometimes it is difficult to write about something you know quite well and you love a lot. Spetses is one of the islands that you will fall in love with. I used to go there with my parents back in the 80s and I always remember the last day, and how sad I would be to let her go. Spetses is for me the most beautiful island of the Saronic and the most romantic island in Greece.

It is the smell of nature, the colors of the neoclassical mansions, the glorious history and the urban legend of victorious battleships, the glamorous present and the wonderful coves to visit with a sailing yacht charter in Spetses.  A lot of things have changed since the 80s but not the character of the island - mainly the number of people visiting and the mentality of the locals.

Don’t get me wrong, Spetses still has good and friendly locals, however as everything in Greece has changed in the last 30 years so have the locals adjusted. When you become too popular it is logical that you will become a bit commercial. To be more clear, Spetses has been the island of Greek flashy (mainly) Athenians that on their own are enough to make the island packed. A lot of big motor yachts take all the places in the old port, however, are great to look on your afternoon walk on the pier. Being packed in July and August does not mean that you should not visit.

You need to be aware however that the service and the attitude of certain locals may not keep up to the high level of Greek hospitality. In addition, you need to be aware of possible tourist traps that based on the demand and supply effect may set up a pricey catalog. Should these factors change your mind to visit Spetses? For sure, NO. The island is blessed and too pretty not to be visited. Along with the help of our suggestions and the advice of our professional skippers, you will have the chance to experience Spetses like a local and feel the ‘aroma’ that will seduce you!

Quick facts:

Complex of islands:
Saronic islands




South Saronic


Distance from Athens:
70 miles


Famous heritage:
Spetses Shipyard


Interesting info:
Armata Festival

Included in our 1 week route for the Saronic Gulf



Walk from the old port to Dapia and back

There is no doubt that a nice walk in the Greek islands is one of the most worry free moments of what vacation truly is. If you combine it with the looks of colorful walls, full of flowers and trees, stone paved alleys neoclassical buildings trademark of an architecture of a previous era and the breeze that smoothly touches the island then you have a perfect moment. If you have anchored in the old port then definetelly we encourage you to walk from the old port to Dapia (considered the center of life on the island), have a look at the mansions (that most probably belong to a well-known family of a Greek) and relax in Dapia into one of the cafes located in the waterfront. You can walk all the way to Poseidon hotel (considered the pearl of the island) exactly at the end of the new port. If you choose to do this walk in the morning time then a good idea would be to try breakfast in the hotel. There is a great colorful garden or little tables and chairs right in front of the hotel, looking toward the Saronic gulf sea. We are sure it will be a memorable experience

Ride with the horse carriage and visit the shipyard

Although it might sound touristic, it is really a great experience to hire a horse carriage and move around in the paved alleys of Spetses. Especially if you have kids with you that always are a fan of these type of rides. The carriage will move you among the islands most colorful alleys and the horseman can show you important buildings and provide interesting historical information. Once you are finished with the ride and you return to the old port, then we encourage you to visit the Spetses shipyards, where tradition meets art. Still active the boat builders specialize in wooden boats and can produce various sizes according to the orders they may receive. Spetses is one of the largest shipbuilding locations of Greece and one of the few operating until today. We encourage you to spend some time and see where the boats that gave Greeks their freedom were constructed!

Go to the beaches, considered the best of Saronic

One thing is certain for Spetses, she has the best swim locations of the Saronic gulf (we know that the word best is subjective but this is how we see it). Especially on the south side, you can find any type of location you may have in mind. Is it a rocky cove, a sandy beach, a green water cove with pine trees all around? No problem, Spetses has it all. If you are sailing with one of our yachts or catamarans you will have the chance to meet great sceneries and most important combined with calm waters. The island is most of the times calm in terms of strong winds and same goes for the sea. If you combine it with a cruise on the south side then definitely you have high possibility for perfect relaxing moments. Therefore we encourage you that while you will be in the area of Spetses, visit the island, see the important sights and head to the beaches that will surely be memorable. Enjoy!

We are very sensitive in being objective, in each island there are things we admire and others you need to be aware of.

A very beautiful island

Traditional and Authentic

Great waters and beaches

Very clean (streets, shops, etc)

Plenty of shops, restaurants, boutiques etc. for everyone

Interesting sightseeing

The most beautiful port of Greece

Nice seafood

Very good climate (not too hot even sunny)

Not very windy


Packed with flashy Athenians and locals during July and August

Not a friendly island to travelers (to our opinion)

Quite pricey

Not so many births on the ports that most of the times are occupied by big motorboats owned by the people who have also a house on the island to spend their vacation

Being very beautiful and very accessible the island became quite commercial

No water or electricity provided by the port

Spetses is for me the most beautiful island of the Saronic overall. She has the most beautiful atmosphere, colors, aromas and above all places to drom an anchor and relax with a great scenery! If you are planning to stay in the harbor then you should enter the port quite early since most of the times its packed. Try the old port, since the new is not friendly for sailing yachts or catamarans due to the swell and the high speed passenger ships that touch and go, creating waves that are quite annoying

-Eugene suggests

Tripadvisor Spetses
  • Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! We LOVED our time with the group!

    We just got home from a truly magical one week trip through the Saronic Islands on the group's Oceanis 54 Blackjack yacht. We visited and explored six spectacular islands and countless beautiful bays in seven days (highlights included Hydra, Aegina, Porto Heli, Mandrila port, and Ermioni). There were two families of four traveling together (the four kids were ages 9-13), so a total of eight people on the boat plus our skipper and we never once felt crowded. It is a great boat for traveling with that many people (4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large main cabin, a huge deck to spread out on, plus the separate kipper's quarters including his own bathroom) - plenty of space for everyone

    You can't go wrong if you charter with Maria and Eugene (and if you sail with George) so don't look any further! The hardest question will be which type of boat to select given their great pricing, large fleet, and variety of sailing routes. We will definitely be back as soon as we can. Thank you for making our sailing trip better than we ever imagined it could be!

    Cheers and hugs from Amy & George (from Australia) and Noortje & Marc (from Holland) and the kids! 

    Visited July 2016 

  • Saronic islands and Peloponnesian coast! Trip of a life time!

    We departed Athens and sailed Poros, Hydra, Hermano, Spetses, Methana, Epidaurus! An incredible adventure with our great Capitan Appo and really beautiful 42’catamaran! This is really is a trip of a lifetime, the islands are extremely beautiful, the food in every port was really exceptional! Let’s see favorite things… jockeying for spots in Hydra(you’ll know why you hired a skipper, but way too fun to watch) swimming in perfect blue lagoons every day, hiking the volcano in Methana, diving on the sunken city, my nephew catching a nice Amber Jack, getting a dolphin escort, getting some really great sailing days in and meeting really warm and engaging people in every port and all over Athens! Would I do it again, yes heading back again next year!

    Visited June 2016

  • A part of Spetses island town, Greece; traditional houses, a small beach, and a lighthouse can be seen by Georgios Alexandris.

  • A view of the port of the beautiful Greek Island, Spetses by f8grapher 

  • Docked boat for repairs in Spetses island, Greece by kokixx

  • Spetses port by Haris vythoulkas

  • Sailing and fishing boats in Spetses island in Greece on Jun 21, 2014 by imagIN

  • Photo by Zoran Milosavljevic 

Beaches we liked


If you are visiting the island with a sailing yacht or catamaran, then Zogeria is one of the best beaches to anchor. Surrounded by a pine forest, dressed in a sandy outfit and filled with sapphire waters surely will dazzle you with her presence. Zogeria is also a nice spot if you would like to overnight onboard, as the water is smooth and the weather is calm most of the times as well. There is a small chapel and a small tavern available.

Agia Paraskevi

Dressed in Green, Agia Paraskevi is a beach that should not be missed. Crystal clear waters and a rocky bottom might be one of the most beautiful beaches of Spetses. The beach is organized and there is a small bar if you would like to approach with your dinghy. Since you will be sailing with one of our sailing yachts or catamarans you will have the chance to have total privacy and immaculate dives in the particular beach.

Agia Marina

One of the most famous and crowded beaches of the island with amenities (sun beds, umbrellas) is located on the southeast side of Spetses. Long sandy and pebbled beach with a beach bar where you can enjoy your coffee as well as have something for lunch. 


Located in the south eastern part of the island Kouzounos beach is for thos of you that want to swim under the radar in turquoise waters. Accessed mainly by boat you will have the chance to relax onboard and feel the nature with not many neighbors around.


Right opposite of Spestes there is a little island, called Spetsopoula. Really a beautiful island and for sure noticeable. We include this is our list since we want to inform you that is a private island (bought in the 50’s by a Greek, Stavros Niarchos) and remains private until today. This means that you cannot approach with your sailing yacht or catamaran to visit or to drop an anchor. Just a friendly advise that might save you from the trouble of visiting and returning.

Sites worth visiting

Mansion of Laskarina Bouboulina

The name of this woman is known to every Greek and of course to many foreigners. She has been the center of patriotism, bravery and eventually sacrifice during the war of independence in the 1820’s. Being one of the member of ‘Filiki Eteria’ she organized the revolt, gave all of her fortune for the fight against the inveiders and fought so brave as few of Greeks have ever had. Her house has been transformed to a museum and is one of the most famous ever since.

Cave of Bekiris

One of the most beautiful natural beauties of the island. Hidden to everyone, the cave will dazzle you with her beauty. Approached mainly by boat you will have the chance to enter to the cave and explore one of the most beautiful caves of Greece. Stalactite formations and crystal waters fill the interior that once was used to hide the women and children from the Turkish invadors. According to the myth if you visit with your beloved one and you both drink water from the cave then your love will last forever!

Lighthouse of the old Harbor

Considered one of the first lighthouses that operated in Greece, since 1837 it has been working continuously, alarming sailors for the islands existence. Located on the right side of the old port of Spetses, it is worth walking and spending some time exploring the construction and place.

Armata Festival

In 1822, September 8, there was a big battle between the Greek and the Ottoman Navy. The Greeks won victoriously and forced the Turkish side to retreat. Every year one of the most famous festivals of Greece takes place in Spetses. It is the representation of this battle where the locals destroy a wooden ship and put it in flames until in sinks. The island is full and really packed and it is one of the well-known moments for Athenians to visit the island (apart from July and August).

Tastes of Spetses

Almond Sweets

One of the most famous production in almond sweets ‘amygdalota’ prepared with unique recipy (each island has its own recipe) and surely should not be missed.

Fish alla Spetsiota

Spetses has great sea food. Being an island with such a historical background it would be imposible not to have great variety of sea food. The most famous recipe for cooking fish is ‘fish alla spetsiota’ that is really exeptional and should be tried no matter what!

The weather
  • Average temperatures of 28C during July and August
  • Quite calm weather all year round 
  • There is always a summer breeze during noontime that we consider refreshing
  • If it is quite windy try to check your fenders because most of the times there are big motor yachts entering the port
  • Not so protected port in the Northern wind – Choose Porto Heli instead
  • Nice anchorages that can protect you from the wind, our captains would be responsible to advise you

Spetses on map


Included in our 1 week route for the Saronic Gulf

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