About Us

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Below you will find some information about who we are. Since we believe the long text pages will get you tired very quickly we have written very few words for each of one. We are happy to provide any additional information you would like to know upon request



Yachtsailing.gr is a company created in 1999 and operated today by 2 close friends Eugene Theodoridis and Dimitris Stamou that had the sea as a passion and enjoyed yachting on a sailing boat. Now, the company has a large number of boats all under the ownership of the company.

The routes of the company go way back a lot longer than these years. All of us have been in the yachting industry for many years since our parents have done this business since the early 90s. However, we decided to combine the experience of our parents with the ideas and effort of the younger generation


A few words about us:

Eugene is in his late-30s. He has been working continuously for many years for the world's biggest shipyards such as Beneteau, CNB Lagoon as well as the Regal representative in Greece. He was dedicated to the sales and brokerage within the European Union. During this time he has been working for big and mass charter companies and was consecrated in the management programs of the global sailing industry.

‘Somewhere along the way, I decided I would like to create a Boutique sailing company where I could treat my guest as a FRIEND since this value has really faded in our days. And you know what. This is what the Greek Spirit is all about’

Dimitris is in his late 30’s as well. He has studied mechanic engineering and has been working on yacht maintenance since 2000. He has been sailing since he was a young boy and has participated in races with small sailing yachts. He is a ‘true’ continuation of his father who is considered to be a highly skilled technician with many years of experience in his back. Dimitris has been raised next to his father and has developed high-level skills in the technical details. He knows all the boats ‘by heart’ and still he is very cautious in problem-solving.

‘Although any problem may be a job that I have repeated 100 times still you need to devote the same level of concentration to solve it. Don’t forget, we speak about boats that sail in the sea..!’

These were very few words about the basic founders of Yachtsailing.gr. The company is assembled by 30 IN HOUSE experienced persons dedicated only to this business. If you had the patience to read through all the lines please remember that there is a lot of information about us that you could ask or even better come and get to know us and write a review. Frankly speaking, who we are is partly what our guests say about us!