How to insure your deposit


We see our sailing clients as friends. When you are in sea it is normal that a damage may happen. We do not simply that this was on purpose, it may happen.

For all sailing holidays featured, you will be required to provide cover against accidental damage or loss to the vessel and ancillary equipment and either pay a Security Deposit at the base as further detailed below.

For this reason we suggest to everyone the possibility to insure their refundable deposit.

We provide and suggest the EIS insurance company which is a German and solid organisation.


Before you start your charter you provide a certain amount depending of the sailing boat you choose. This is called a security deposit. In case of an accident or damage the amount of this damage is kept and paid by this deposit.

In case you insure your deposit and a damage takes place, then you pay the amount of the loss or damage AND you are refunded in full by the insurance company. The cost of this service is 10% of the value of the total deposit i.e. (if your normal deposit is 1000 Euros then you pay a non-refundable 100 Euros and you have your 1000 Euros covered!)


This means that at the end of the day you have a secure vacation without any surprises.

Please note that the insurance will not cover any damage created on purpose or created by your intended mistake. It will cover accidents that may occur during your sailing trip by accident, or due to bad weather or other circumstances.

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