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"One of the most popular archaeological sites in Greece!"

Perform in the ancient world’s most famous theater

Where the crystal blue waters of the Saronic gulf meet with the green colors of the forests climbing down from the mountains, lies Palaia (old) Epidaurus a place mostly known by the existence of the ancient’s world most famous theater. Epidaurus as a town is not something fancy and cannot be considered the island that you may have in mind.

However, it is an overall option that will reveal true Greece and surely should not be missed. Since you will be visiting with a sailing yacht or catamaran then only by the fact that you will anchor into the Epidaurus gulf, relax during the night and dive into the green waters early in the morning makes the scenery unique and the experience unforgettable.

The jewel of the area and one of the most famous trademarks of Greece is the ancient theater, located approximately 30 minutes’ drive away from the port (you can hire a taxi cost of which is 20 Euros to get you there). Even if you are not an archeology lover the theater will dazzle you. Being there for more than 2500 years has been present to meet all the legends of Greece starting from Pericles two and a half thousand years ago up to legends of the recent history such as Maria Kallas and many others.

All sorts of historic scripts standing above all the Greek tragedies we performed in a theater that allowed even the last guest on the top row hear the voice of the performers with such clarity, a phenomenon that remains unbelievable to be constructed with such a success in the past. Visiting Palaia Epidauris will give you the chance to swim in great waters, visit a historical masterpiece and snorkel to explore the lost city, that used to be the ‘agora of Palaia Epidaurus milleniums ago! We enchourage you to visit the area as we are sure, that will get you familiarized with the Greek culture, nature and of course it will be a great experience during you private sailing cruise in the Greek islands.


Argolis coast


Known for:
The ancient theatre


Palaia Epidaurus port


Distance from Athens:
30 miles


Famous heritage:
Epidaurus Theater 


Interesting info:
Theater’s Accoustics

Included in our 1 week route for the Saronic Gulf

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Visit the Ancient Theater of Epidavros

Epidaurus is mainly known by the ancient theater that was constructed in the area more than two and a half thousand years ago. It was primarily given the name of Asclepios son of Apollo, that is said to be murdered by Zeus for bringing back Hippolytus in life from the dead. Zeus is said to murder Asclepius with a thunderbolt. Despite the myth which is quite interesting we encourage you to visit the theater that is everything but a myth. You will have the chance to admire the acoustics of this Unesco officially registered site and admire the construction that until today remains a jewel for many serious architects. Hire a taxi (the cost is aprox 20 Euros per ride), and definitely visit!

Dive to see the underwater city of Epidavros

In the bay right next to Epidaurus, lies the sunk city that for those of you that like to explore the underwater findings would be a great experience. Although it is advertised as a diving spot, we do not think it is neseccary to dive with CO2 masks. You just need your flippers and masks. You can ask our professional skippers for their advise and instruction of how to approach the place, since it cannot be approached very close by yacht. Therefore if you like to try please let us know and we will arrange accordingly.

Walk in the town of Epidaurus

Although it is not something super fancy the views for Epidaurus port can be relaxing and refreshing after a day under the sun, swimming in one of the beautiful natural coves nearby. You can approach the port with your dinghy and walk in the town little alleys, while there is a tavern with a beautiful garden that we would recommend, for the decent food and pricing. Ask our professional skippers for more info. If you happen to visit during August then there is a ‘Panigiri’ organized which is fun to watch and interesting to cross.. Enjoy!

We are very sensitive in being objective, in each island there are things we admire and others you need to be aware of.

Calm waters

Crystal clear sea

Relaxing scenery (drop an anchor and tie a rope in the land)

Close to Athens

Interesting sightseeing

Diving options


Not so nice port – town (does not remind of the island you would be expecting)

Might be proven difficult to find a taxi if you get there on a Saturday during the summer due to the number of guests arriving for the theater’s festival

Quite hot with no breeze

Although I cannot say that Palaia Epidaurus is the most beautiful place, it is a great option overall for a sailing cruise. You have great sight seeing and great waters to dive. Try to avoid Friday and Saturday’ afternoons if you are looking for a taxi to go to the ancient theater. There are a lot of visitors that arrive to watch one of the performances of the festival organised each years in July - August

-Eugene Suggests

  • “Sailing the Saronic Greek Isles”

    We took out a Beneteau Oceanis 54, "Black Jack" for the last week of July 2015. The yacht was very well maintained and we had an excellent holiday. This was thanks to the staff at the base - Maria, Dmitrios and Eugene and also to our totally professional, competent and lovely skipper, Panos. Air conditioning and fans were very helpful in the Greek heat - Athens was bathed in 37 degrees C when we set sail! Panos guided us around the Saronic islands showing us the best places to swim, moor and eat. Transfer to and from the boat was made easy by the shore staff with the help of Konstantinos, the wonderful taxi driver - a true ambassador of Athens (and Greece) - as a result of him we visited the ancient theatre, Epidhavros - even our 4 children aged between 11 and 16 were impressed. We will definitely book with Yacht Sailing Greece again.

    Visited July 2015

  • “Best Yacht Charter in Greece!”

    I have been chartering from for many years now with my family and it is always a pleasure to come back!!
We sometimes sailed for two weeks, all the way to Santorini and back, other times a week only going closer to shore towards Nafplion or to Mykonos / Paros and back.
The best aspect of chartering with them are:
- Very friendly people... Eugene, Dimitris and Maria
- Savvy sailing wise and give very good tips around where to go on what winds etc.
- Great prices 
I very much recommend them! :-)

    Visited May 2015


Sites worth visiting

The Little theatre of Epidaurus

A theater devoted to God Dionysos. It was built at around 4th century and was hosting different kind of celebrations ( religious, cultural). Characteristic of this theatre is the inscriptions on the seats. Every summer hosts the "Athens and Epidaurus Festival".

The archaeological Museum of Epidaurus

Situated within the Archaeological Site of the sanctuary of Asclepius. It was built to house the important findings of excavations of the Sanctuary of Asklepios. The Museum's exhibits dating from the Archaic to the Roman era. The kind of exhibits vary and include large statues, medical instruments, as well as large parts of important ancient buildings.

Sanctuary of Asclepius

Sanctuary of Asclepius was one of the most important therapeutic centers of Ancient Greece. Famous worldwide, its location will amaze you! What is more impressive? Its history behind the procedure with which Ascelpius was trying to cure the patients with (most of the times) chronic diseases. He was using the religion and some other treatments in order to convince or to really cure the sick people.

  • Athens - Average temperatures of 29C during July and August
  • Very sunny and hot during summer
  • Safe anchorage in the Epidaurus bay
  • Most of the times protected by the Northerly winds
  • Nice sandy sea bottom for good grip

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