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“Your entrance to the Cyclades”


Although KEA could be one of the fanciest and popular islands of the Cyclades, she has quietly decided to remain silent and mysteriously out of the competition of beach bars and touristic setup. Although she is the closest island to Athens, where someone would expect that the island would live out of the tourists, this seems not to be the case.

The island on its own has unlimited sandy beaches with crystal clear green and blue water, romantic picturesque little houses perched on the top of the mountain (Ioulis-Chora), a big variety of gastronomic pleasures lovely to taste along with the famous local red wine, while the hiking trails and the archaeological sites are considered to be a trademark of the island and worth visiting if you would like to understand the feeling of the island and the story behind what KEA is today.

KEA has kept her traditional qualities that go back into ancient times, she is like a queen of the past that will not bother to advertise 5-star hotels or swimming pools in order to attract visitors. Ancient Karthaia, the only area on an island along with Delos, that was allowed to host the ancient Olympic games, the temple of Apollo going back to 530 BC. 

Τhe breathtaking Lion statue of chasing away the Nymphs of the island along with the 45m tall chimney of the biggest Enamel factory ever existed in the Mediterranean proof of the glory of the past, are some of the reasons why KEA is a true Greek island and you need to look a bit closer to feel her vibe and smell the beauty of the ‘Meltemi flying above you.

Quick facts:

Complex of islands:
Cyclades islands




Western Cyclades


Distance from Athens:
35 miles


Famous heritage:
Kea Stone Lion


Interesting info:
Quite mild and dry

Included in our 1 week route for the Cyclades



Visit Ioulis (Chora)

A dive into tradition. Ioulida, the only town that built inland, laid out amphitheatrically on the slope. A village of old mansions and town houses, vaulted alleys, fountains, traditional architecture and urbanism and a castle which still partially preserved.

Spend some time in the neoclassical Town Hall building, a work of architect' Ernst Ziller and definitely visit the archaeological museum, which is considered one of the most important of the Cyclades. You will find remainings of the temple of god Apollo among others dated back to 530 BC.

Walk past the town hall, all the way to the monastery, above of which you can relax and enjoy a great meal on the roof of the restaurant looking the imaginary view of the horizon. 

Try the KEA diving center (available for everyone)

KEA is considered one of the islands with the most interesting, underwater treasures. If you are experienced you will have the chance to visit ship wrecks going back to world war I with the help and guidance of KEA diving center. For those of you that are not experienced you can get familiarized with the diving procedure and tryout a dive safely into shallow waters.

Are you ready to explore the shipwreck of a French cargo ship  or more better a World War II plane? 

Kea is the home to the underwater wreck of a German Junkers 52 aircraft from WWII and two famous shipwrecks – the Kea is the home to the underwater wreck of a German Junkers 52 aircraft from WWII and two famous shipwrecks – the HMHS Britannic, the sister of the Titanic.

Visit Ancient Karthaia with a Donkey!

Ancient Karthaia was one of the major cities of KEA into the ancient times. Successful findings prove the high cultural level and prosperity along with economic growth. The city hosted a temple of Apollo along with the temple of Athena and is the only area in an island that was allowed to host the primary Olympic games.

Ancient Karthaia had its own coins and was considered to be one of the most prestigious and powerful cities of the past. Praised by great poets as the “Dazzling star of the classic culture”, she can be proven a great excursion-especially if we organize a private donkey ride down to the ruins of this wonderful ancient place. The rocks and graves of Karthea will remind you how time flies but still magical places built in front of the beach will always wake up emotions of tranquility, peace and joy.

We are very sensitive in being objective, in each island there are things we admire and others you need to be aware of.

Close to Athens

Numerous magnificent beaches to visit with a yacht

Turquise waters

Chora (Ioulis) is close to the port (5min with Taxi)

Very nice food

Easy taxi service – Simple and easy to reach via phone 


Crowdie during weekends by Athenians that visit on Friday

Not so well organized to attract foreign guests

Long distances to cover if you chose to drive from Vourkari to Koundouros

Only 6 taxis available-might be a problem in rush hours

"We encourage you to visit the main chora Ioulis. Try the restaurant above the church, at the top of the hill".

-Eugene suggests

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  • We spent 5 days in the Aegean and Saronic with George, our captain. From planning all the way in early winter though the actual vacation in July everything was seamless with Eugene. He was so responsive and quick, very informative and not pushy at all! Very knowledgable while always taking our needs and wish list into account. 

    Christina S.
  • We had a magnificent 2 week sail on Inspiration, a 54ft Oceanis, in the Cyclades. Skippering a bareboat charter can always be a challenge but Eugene sorted out every problem we had with the effortless ease of a master problem solver. It was the dedication of Eugene and his crew that made the whole holiday such a success as well as the beautiful, warm and welcoming sea, islands and tavernas. Yachtsailing are definitely my choice of charterer for the Western Aegean and we look forward to repeating our experience.

    Bing S.
  • Koundouros photo by Kostas K. 08/08/2016

  • Kea "Chora" by Kostas K. 08/08/2016

  • Walk at Ioulis Kea photo by Ioanna S. 05/08/2016

  • Korissia photo by Kostas K. 08/08/2016

  • Crystal Waters at Koundouros photo by Ioanna 07/08/2016

  • KEA Poisses photo by Eugene 09/08/2016

  • Kea Vourkari photo by Kostas k. 08/08/2016

  • Koudouros (drone view) photo by Kostas K. 08/08/2016

  • KEA Vourkari photo by Eugene 07/08/2016

  • Vourkari Kea photo by Eugene 07/07/2016

  • Kea Vourkari view of the south side by Eugene 07/07/2016

  • Koudouros photo by Kostas K 08/08/2016

  • Capital of Kea - Ioulis square photo by Ioanna S 10/08/2016

  • our sailing yacht at Koudouros beach by Eugene 07/08/2016

  • ioulis alleys walk photo by Ioanna S. 07/08/2016

  • Kea Chora photo by our drone 08/08/2016

Beaches we liked


Located in the South-West part of KEA. Considered to be very protected from the Northern Winds. Sandy bottom and very clear water, perfect for swimming, especially if you are visiting with a yacht. There are 2 restaurants available and we would propose it to overnight without concerns.


Located in the South-West part of KEA. Turquise water and very nice scenery. Not so protected from the Northern winds if you are planning to stay overnight. A restaurant is available and is partially crowdie if you plan to visit during the high season.

Poles (Ancient Karthea)

Located at the South-East part of KEA. Perfect water and you will be given the chance to approach the temple and ancient area from the water. If the weather permits it would be a great idea to visit.


Located to the East side of KEA. Great scenery and a small Tavern available for lunch or dinner. Not so crowdie, considered a nice yacht destination weather permitted.

Psili Ammos

Isolated but very beautiful, blue and green waters, sandy bottom and ideal scenery for relaxing. There is no tavern available but you will have the chance to enjoy nature and underwater dives.

Sites worth visiting

Lighthouse of Agios Nikolaos

Located in the corner of Vourkari bay, it is the lighthouse that will arise emotions of joy, peace and relaxation especially if you have the chance to see the sun dropping into the horizon by this magnificent location

Kea Stone Lion

Lion of Kea is carved at the ancient times, prior to 600 BCE. It is about massive 6 meter long rock and the artist who created the Lion is unidentified as well as the exact period of time. The lion stone who smiles, is meant to represent a mythical lion that almost demolished the island of Kea.

Archaelogical museum of Kea

One of the most important of the Cyclades, since many of the foundings of ancient KEA are still located in to the museum. Definetelly worth visitng.

Tastes of KEA

Lobster Spaghetti in Vourkari

Aristo’s tavern is one of the most popular for Athenians travel on weekends to try sea food and similar delicious recipes.

Perfect scenery on the beach

H Strofi tou Mimi in Vourkari, will welcome you right on the beach and have a perfect dinner on the sand

If you visit with a yacht from the south Side

Porto Koundouros is considered a very nice restaurant, located on the beach with delicious local dishes and tasteful Greek salads.



A rather heavy but delicious dish made of pork cooked with tomato and eggs.

Sausages and Loza

You will find Sausages and Loza in many Cycladic islands that consider it as their own speciality. Sausages are made following a recipy that has been passed from one generation to the other, mainly from families that were stockbreeders. We are talking of salted pork that is steamed for weeks, imagine it is the Greek version of prosciutto that will leave you a salty aftertaste.

Kopanisti and Ksino

Famous for her variety of cheese don’t forget to taste "kopanisti" and "ksino", for all cheese lovers it will be an unforgettable experience.

Fresh Salads, very nice tomatoes

Small but very tasty KEA’s tomatoes are considered one of the best type available in Greece. Try to have a typical Greek salad ‘Choriatiki’ and you can let us know your opinion when you return!

the weather
  • Quite windy at most times of the year
  • Fairly cold azure waters around the island
  • During the wind days if you are located inthe marina there is a blast of sand coming down the mountains and onto the yachts
  • If it is quite windy (north wind) you could consider the southern bays of the island of Ornos, Plattis Yallos or Super Paradise
  • Temperature in Luly and August could reach 38 degrees
  • Marina is not protected by the northern winds (meltemi)


Kea Greek island

included in our 1 week route for the Cyclades

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